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“Let’s Tech Together” is present online and in four different locations in Europe :
  • AHHAA Science Centre in Tartu, Estonia. From March 31th to May 1rst
  • Muzeiko – Municipal Culture Institute – Children’s Science Centre, in Sofia, Bulgaria. From March 15th to May 15th
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The “Let’s Tech Together” exhibition was developed with the framework of the SocKETs EU-funded project (Oct 2020 – Sep 2023). The project has tested, prototyped and evaluated cocreation tools that can be used to engage citizens, technology owners and developers, industry and other concerned actors in collaborative innovation that prioritises the expectations and concerns of society. A digital toolbox has been developed to share those experiences with European industries working on Key Enabling Technologies.


Project coordinator : DBT

Project partners : AIRI, DTI, Ecsite, Tecnalia, VU

Linked Third Parties : AHHAA, CRA, CPN, MUST

Exhibition development: Nathalie Cimino, Lucie Steigleder, Alix Thuillier, Clara Boissenin & Cristina Paca, Ecsite – European Network of Science Centres and Museums (Belgium)

Graphic design: Christel van Orsouw & Benthe Kuijpers, BANANAS (Netherlands)

Scientific advice: SocKETs project partners

Are you working in tech or industry?

Visit the SocKETs Guide towards Responsible Tech Innovation using Societal Engagement.

With this guide, we hope to inspire industries to undertake societal engagement as part of their innovation process.


SocKETs (Societal Engagement with Key Enabling Technologies) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement no. 958277.

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